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Always striving to provide a safe and quality service to our patients, the medical center of Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy DDG remains at your listening for your complete satisfaction.

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How the DDG Center Works

DDG is an accredited medical team centered on the expectations of the patient, offering it through its structure a comfort of health

Our medical team is made up of doctors specializing in diseases of the digestive system, heads of clinics and heads of departments of academic or para-academic hospitals in Brussels, anesthetists, nutritionists, psychologists, A radiologist and a digestive surgeon. The doctors are supported by a very experienced team of four nurses and a secretary and will be able to supervise you through various consultations such as the treatment of overweight and obesity, gastroscopy, colon cancer screening, etc. .
Our structure includes: A reception desk, two waiting rooms, four consulting offices. Two technical rooms dedicated to digestive endoscopy A wake-up room guarantees continuous monitoring while respecting your privacy. A disinfection and decontamination unit equipped with high-tech equipment guarantees you a safe examination.

An accredited staff

The DDG Gastroenterology Center is located in Brussels and is managed by top-level doctors accredited by the Belgian health authority, a medical team that puts the patient at the center of its priorities and bases its action on the values ​​of quality , Humanity, empathy, innovation and responsibility.
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  • Dominique Nolet
    Extra, super staff, human and friendly, Same for the medical profession Assured pain relief. 7 stars !!!
    Dominique Nolet
  • Damien Leblanc
    Very friendly environment, I was there for a gastroscopic examination and I was very well received and followed, I was even offered a cup of coffee and small biscuits, they are very careful with us, I really enjoyed it.
    Damien Leblanc

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