10 tips to lose weight and keep fit
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12 February 2016
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10 tips to lose weight and keep fit

conseils pour perdre du poids

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The root cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and burned. This is due to an increase in the consumption of high-calorie foods and a lack of physical activity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changes in modes of transport and Urbanization.

Here are 10 tips that will help you lose weight and fight overweight and obesity:

1) Keep a regular diet :

Do not skip meals, especially the breakfast, which must remain plentiful, and the evening meal that has to be light. You must provide your body with enough energy without sinking into excess. You will need to feed regularly and correctly to promote balance.

2) Avoid snacking :

Do not eat anything apart from meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a cup of water, coffee or tea without sugar, this may help to calm your hunger.

3) Drink well :

To lose weight it is not enough just to pay attention to what we eat but also to monitor what we drink : avoid sugary soft drinks (sodas) and prefer the water, the tisanes and coffee without sugar.
Drinking also before meals and in the middle of the meal will help you to swallow less food during this meal.

drink water

4) Infusion of rooibos :

If you have difficulty decreasing the sugar in your tea or coffee, here is a tip that could remedy it : the infusion of rooibos is more robust than green tea and naturally sweeter.

By replacing you special coffee with rooibos or any other hot beverage without cream or sugar, you could save thousands of calories per month.

5) Taking time to eat :

Take the time to eat calmly and without distractions because a meal engulfed too fast is not satisfying. Eating slowly will let your body define when it is no longer hungry.

Besides that, taking the time to chew well is beneficial for digestion, in order to let the body time to understand when it is no longer hungry.

6) Eat at home :

By eating at home, you will be able to define what will be in your dishes as well as the quantity (make small portions). Promote healthy and beneficial foods for your health.
You can also try to integrate as many foods with health benefits as possible. Dare to buy food that you are not used to.

Also promote rice that is low in fat and is a high-fiber food, which stabilizes blood sugar levels. Avoid bad fats and promote coconut oil for your cooking.

7) Do not neglect sleeping :

A scientific study has established the link between weight and lack of sleep. It would seem that the BMI (Body Mass Index) is higher for people who sleep less.

Sleeping is a major factor of weight balance and health, people who lack tend to eat more. Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day.

lack of sleep

8) Practice morning exercises :

Go to bed early to get up early and enjoy doing exercises. Sleeping and getting up early will allow you enjoying a restful sleep because, as seen above, a poor quality or insufficient sleep would, on the contrary, increase the appetite and and gain weight.

9) Change your habits :

Practicing regular physical activity is not only useful for fighting obesity and overweight but also for preventing certain diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

To do this, you can for example, change your habits to go to work or anywhere. Do not take the means of transport or the car but use a bike.

10) Set yourself a goal, a goal to achieve :

Be careful not to set yourself a goal too high or difficult to reach because it often tends to do so, which however can be fatal for your motivation and can lead to a drop of your goal.

How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece …

So set a final goal and divide it into small goals that you will focus on. Reward yourself with the completion of each of them, which will only make you more effective, keep your motivation at the top, and guarantee the success of your ultimate goal.

Also try to find someone who has the same goals as you to motivate each other.

Apply all of the above tips and they will lead you straight to weight loss and a better lifestyle, you can also use free and playful applications that will help you practice these tips in a more efficient way.

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