3 Useful Apps For Losing Weight
10 tips to lose weight and keep fit
17 July 2017
15% of adults have obesity
20 July 2017
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3 Useful Apps For Losing Weight

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To succeed in weight loss, it is important to be motivated, not set too high objectives and accept a less spectacular weight loss.
Losing weight does not happen in 1 week, nor in 1 month, You must take time to resume a balanced diet and increase your physical activity.

Here are three useful and fun applications that will help you achieve the weight you want:


1 – Mon Coach Minceur:


application pour perdre du poids : mon coach minceur


Original application with colorful graphics, allowing you to:

  • Define your objectives
  • Track your progress (with visual weight tracking available, you can track your decreases).
  • Discover different tips that will motivate you to lose weight. You can also add some of your photos that will motivate you to lose weight.
  • Set up reminders to help you keep track of what you need to do every day.
  • Obtain various rewards as you advance.


2 – My Fitness Pal (Calorie counter): Application containing a database of more than 6.000.000 international food and dishes.


my fitness pal is a Calorie food database


Quick and easy application with the possibility of synchronization with your various peripherals.
In addition to providing you with the precise calorie content of the foods you have consumed, you will find in this application:

  • Various exercises.
  • The ability to communicate with your friends and support you in your weight loss.
  • Setting Your Goals.
  • Keeping track of your weight.


3 – Seven – 7 minutes of exercices:


Application seven to lose weight with sport


7 minutes for 7 months With nothing but a chair, a wall and the weight of your own body, the 7 minutes of exercises are inspired by scientific studies and aim to optimize the benefits of a regular exercise in one Minimum time.

This application includes a series of 12 30-second exercises with a 10-second break between each of them. During the exercise you will have an animated image that will show you the process of the exercise.

Be careful! if you miss a session one day you lose a life, your lives are recharged every month unless you lose all your lives then the program starts again at 0.

The application has other series of exercises and programs but these are paid for. Know that the free part is enough, all you have to do is do the series of exercises once a day, you launch the application, you start the session and everything will be ok.


And you, what applications do you use? What do you think of these applications? Do you have any better ones? Tell us about it 🙂

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