How to keep a healthy diet during the holidays?
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26 June 2018
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28 August 2019
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How to keep a healthy diet during the holidays?

Do you want to enjoy end-of-year parties, Christmas, birthdays, receptions for work, etc.? We have prepared a list of tips that will help you enjoy these events without impacting your weight.

5 Tips for keeping a healthy diet:

  1. Healthy snacks

    Take healthy snacks (vegetables, pre-cut fruits, dried fruits, etc.) with you, you can eat them between two meals. You will feel less hungry and you will be less inclined to excesses.
  2. Prepare yourself in advance

    Put in place a tradition of healthy eating during the holidays. To do this, make a list of easy-to-prepare dishes that appeal to you and your family and prepare them in advance so that everything goes well during the holiday season. You can use the application my fitness pal to help you choose the right foods based on their calorie content, for a healthy and balanced meal.
  3. Do not neglect vegetables

    During the meal, fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. It’s a great way to limit your intake of high calorie foods. Take small portions and eat slowly to give your brain time to transmit the feeling of satiety.
  4. Alcoholic drinks

    Watch out for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages because they provide a lot of calories. Drink slowly and in moderation. If you drink alcohol, alternate alcoholic beverages with lower calorie drinks, such as sparkling water or still water.
  5. Physical activities

    Burn the excess calories of the holidays by practicing various physical activities.
    Are you going to do the sales or go to the Christmas market? Take the opportunity to do a lot of walking.
    Move, go play in the snow: throw a few snowballs, build a snowman, go for a walk or a jog, etc.

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