What is anesthesiology ?

Anesthesia is "insensitivity to pain and other sensations" caused by diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. With the help of anesthesia, medical and surgical interventions are carried out safely ...

The goal of the anesthesiologist is to protect you against certain effects that arise from medical and surgical treatments ... He ensures the proper functioning of the vital organs (brain, heart, lung ... and thus maintains the optimal safety conditions during surgery And during the first hours or even days after the operation.

We take care of you

To get to know you better and assess your state of health, we offer you an anesthesia consultation.

In addition to assessing your clinical condition, this consultation will determine your medical history and treatment to determine the risk in relation to outpatient anesthesia.

In order to prepare this consultation, you will be provided with a medical questionnaire to be completed in advance.

During the consultation, the doctor will review with you your history and your medical treatment. It is essential to communicate to him the complete list of your medicines including blood thinners (anticoagulants, antiaggregants and aspirin). In fact, some will have to be stopped before endoscopy and / or replaced. It is recommended to bring the results of the tests performed during the last 6 months (biological results, electrocardiogram, and cardiac consultations).

It will give you the instructions to be fasting, the last authorized drinking.

Finally, the objective of this consultation is to reassure you by informing you. He will answer all your questions concerning the anesthesia, the progress of your stay after the anesthesia, in the recovery or recovery room. Do not hesitate to ask him questions.