What are the most effective methods to lose weight?
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18 December 2018
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14 September 2020
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What are the most effective methods to lose weight?

perdre du poids

perdre du poids

WHO counts more and more cases of obesity in the world, with 1.9 billion overweight adults and 600 million defined as “obese”. If You are part of it and you have a lot of trouble losing weight, you have to know that today there are several effective methods to lose weight: :

1 – The natural method

The natural way to lose weight is the most common but also the longest, it consists of combining several tips and natural methods and repeat them daily. These methods are related to your lifestyle, so adopting them is not only beneficial for your weight loss but also for your health. Here is an example of daily practices that will help you lose weight and fight against overweight and obesity , it can be found in particular: the management of food and snacking, hydration, do not neglect sleep, stress management, avoid sugar, the practice of physical activity, etc.

All these methods are complementary and will help you to change your lifestyle, improve your health and lose weight in the medium and long term. You can also make an appointment with a dietician who will help you set up an adequate nutrition program.

To lose weight naturally and in the long term you need to show determination (setting small goals helps in the process). But you must also give yourself time and patience, because you will not lose masses overnight, it will happen little by little, you will need at least a month to lose 2 to 3 pounds.

2 – Gastric balloon placement (non-surgical method)

Gastric balloon placement is a non-surgical method and is best for people with a BMI between 28 and 30 who have failed to lose weight following the natural method.

This method involves introducing a balloon deflated by the mouth, when it is placed in the stomach, it will be immediately filled with either a sterile saline solution stained with methylene blue or air, thanks to a fixed catheter to the balloon.

The gastric balloon will then create fullness and satiety and thus reduce the need for food. This one usually occupies one third of your stomach and will allow you to continue to eat but much smaller proportions. The intragastric balloon is placed under light anesthesia. sedation (disconnection).

The duration of placement of the intragastric balloon is less than fifteen minutes. The patient should remain under surveillance for 1 hour at the clinic.

During the period when the balloon was installed in the stomach, regular monitoring will be done by a multidisciplinary medical team, consisting of a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist and a psychologist.

More information on the installation of the gastric balloon.

le ballon gastrique
The gastric balloon

3 – sleeve, bypass, gastric band, etc. (surgical methods)

Obesity surgery is only recommended as a last resort in cases of severe obesity. It is a technique reserved for the obese whose life is threatened by their condition and for which all treatments have failed.

This changes the anatomy of the digestive system. It causes a decrease in the amount of food consumed, and / or the assimilation of food by the body, and therefore a significant weight reduction. Obesity surgery provides mechanical and metabolic help. The intervention must be very framed and well thought out.

Effective methods to lose weight
Effective methods to lose weight
Learn all about the most effective methods out there that will help you lose weight!


  1. Avatar pour Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Hello, is the gastric balloon placement safe ?

    • Avatar pour Dr. Samir KADDAR Dr. Samir KADDAR says:


      You should know that the placement of the gastric balloon is managed by a team of expert doctors accredited by the Belgian health authority, we have been practicing the placement of the balloon for more than 30 years.

      We can therefore guarantee the placement of the gastric balloon safely.

      Best regards,

      The DDG Team

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