Diet: For a better hygiene of life

With a balanced diet, having gustative pleasure is now possible

Dietetics is a practice that consists of adopting a balanced diet, it aims to help you maintain or regain your ideal weight, preserve or improve your health.

the diet varies from one person to another, from one environment to another, from one metabolism to another.

It is therefore important to define all these criteria with a dietician who after knowing all these elements can determine which diet is best for you.

We take care of your desires

No "diet" with us! We will work together to correct your bad eating habits on the one hand and to optimize what you already do very well so far on the other hand. So:

  • No "restrictions" but "modifications"
  • No "prohibitions" but "adaptations"

We will not remove your chocolate, your wine, your salty or sweet dessert!! To help you, we use several specific techniques derived from the latest technological developments such as measuring total body mass by biphotonic absorptiometry and the actual caloric monitoring to measure and not calculate your true caloric expenditure..

Discover our 10 tips to lose weight and keep fit or make an appointment with our dietician.

Gustative pleasure is a pleasure and must remain so!