Therapeutic success depends on the relational quality between the healthcare professional and the patient.

Do you want to lose a maximum of kilos in a minimum of time? ... We will bring you nothing more than all the books you can buy in bookstores, because everything works ... the first three months!!

We take care of your desires

No "diet" with us! We will work together to correct your bad eating habits on the one hand and to optimize what you already do very well so far on the other hand. So:

  • No "restrictions" but "modifications"
  • No "prohibitions" but "adaptations"

We will not remove your chocolate, your wine, your salty or sweet dessert!! To help you, we use several specific techniques derived from the latest technological developments such as measuring total body mass by biphotonic absorptiometry and the actual caloric monitoring to measure and not calculate your true caloric expenditure..

Gustative pleasure is a pleasure and must remain so!