Digestive Surgery

The DDG center has a Department of Surgery that deals mainly with digestive and laparoscopic surgery, and treats the pathologies of the digestive tract.

We offer specialized consultations in digestive surgery in the various fields of digestive pathology such as colorectal cancer and related glands, hepato-biliary pathologies, paralysis defects, surgical treatment of obesity, ...

Procedure of the surgery at the DDG center

Our surgeon receives you during the specialized consultations, after anamnesis and scrutiny, he advises you of the attitude to follow.

Good to know

The liver is the most voluminous organ of the human organism. It ensures many functions that are vital to the body. Its attacks are multiple and can sometimes seriously harm the health of the human body.

The pancreas which is a neighboring organ of the liver: its diseases are sometimes linked to those of the liver and it is sometimes necessary to operate both organs if the pancreas is diseased.

Diseases of the biliary tract may result from inflammatory processes, the cause of which is still often defined, abnormal proliferation, developmental abnormalities, and anomalies in the composition of the bile.