Biofeedback Reeducation

Biofeedback Reeducation

It is a technique of perineal re-education specializing in the treatment and evaluation of anal incontinence and constipation. Biofeedback involves teaching the patient how to regulate the contractions of the perineal muscles ...

Biofeedback can improve anal incontinence secondary to sphincter incompetence, by reinforcing the contraction of the perineal striated musculature. Biofeedback can be effective whether or not there is a sphincteric lesion, especially if anal incontinence is not too severe. It can also supplement a surgical treatment of incontinence or have a role in its prevention.

Biofeedback is indicated when there is terminal constipation secondary to an anism, loss of exonerating need, unstable anal hypertonia. Under these conditions, biofeedback acts more like a behavioral therapy. An anorectal abnormality is then used to establish a helping relationship with the patient..

How the Perineal Reeducation works ?

An electronic device connected to a probe equipped with sensors is placed in the vagina or anus, it will record all contraction movements, and translate them into a sound and / or visual signal.

The patient will thus be able to see him, or hear him, if he has practiced his contraction exercises. Depending on the outcome, he can adapt his efforts. As a motivation, some devices even make it possible to create objectives from one session to the next.