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20 July 2017
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20 July 2017
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Colorectal cancer screening is 50 years old!

cancer du côlon
Colorectal cancer or cancer of the large bowel is classified in terms of frequency, the 2nd cancer for women (after breast cancer) and the third cancer for men (after prostate and lung cancers).

Although colorectal cancer is exceptional before 40, its frequency increases in the fifties.

In Belgium, colorectal cancer is the cause of more than 3,000 deaths each year. Almost 10 deaths a day! However, this cancer can be cured if it is detected and treated at the beginning of its development, which means before the apparition of symptoms. If colorectal cancer is detected early, the chances of survival at 5 years are 90%!

Through screening, it is possible to detect colon cancer very early.

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